Instant purchase of established ready-made company

off-shelf companies ready for your quick start 
full registration with relevant authorities

Purchase of ready-made company – content and prices


The service includes:


- consultancy and assistance in the process

- transfer of shares of fully registered Ltd. company (s.r.o.)

- guaranty of indebtedness

- appointment of your directors

- adjustment of Articles of Incorporation according to your requirements

- draft of consent of building address owner

- draft of documents to be signed by shareholders and managing directors

- registration of trade licenses (except of regulated which are subject of extra fee)

- amount of stock capital up to 100 CZK

- registration of changes into the Company Register

- registration at Tax Office (income tax)

- translation of documents from abroad (up to 5 pages)

- all fees (notary, trade licenses, bank fee, registration in the Companies Register)

- delivery of incorporation documents to client (in electronic form by email)


                                               CZK                  EUR

total fee:                             32000              1200



Delivery of original hardcopy incorporation documents:


- delivery by worldwide courier service

- Apostille for extra fee (500 CZK / 20 EUR per one Apostille)


                                               CZK                  EUR

fee:                                       2000                 100



Discount from the formation service fee


10 % if the Registered Office Service ordered for 1 year


20 % if the Registered Office Service ordered for 2 years






* fee excl. VAT. VAT may be added depending on your domicile status. VAT may have to be paid in your country depending on your domicile status. You will be informed by us in advance.

Other entities or branches

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Ready-Made Ltd. company acquisition – process description:


All our companies are established and registered, without any business history, ready for instant start of business.


The process of acquisition is very quick with our assistance. You can become the shareholder (owner) and director of the company in one day and immediately start your business.


At the beginning, we need basic information from you concerning personal data of shareholders and statutory directors. Also, if you wish to change the name of company, its address (or we can provide the address), scope of business.


After that we provide you with set of documents that must be signed by shareholders and directors with their signature officially verified. As of the moment of signature, the company becomes your ownership and you can start your business.


After receiving of the documents we secure registration of changes in the Companies Register.


To acquire a company you have to provide us with full business address. Consent of the building owner must be provided in writing (with signature verified). We offer our registered office address service if you do not want to search for offices. This service saves your money for office rental and gives a discount on the company acquisition service.